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Kenneth celebrates the City!

Kenneth Asporaat (27) is the founder and owner of Ken Theatre. He gives young talent a chance.

‘When I was very young, I discovered that I wanted to make creative productions. The film Armageddon made me cry. It really touched me, but I did not understand that it was merely acting. When I found out, I thought: wow, is that possible?! I want to do something like that!

In 2009 I founded Ken Theatre. I lived in IJsselmonde and wanted to offer culture to young people. We produce theatre performances and stage nights: spoken word, comedy and plays for and by young talent. Our position in the city is growing stronger and the demand for theatre productions is increasing, but there is still a large gap between young entrepreneurs and the larger, well-established parties. Such a shame, because by offering young entrepreneurs a chance and by working together, we could create wonderful productions. They have the experience, the locations and the means; we have an innovative of looking at the city and the range of programmes, and we attract a different audience. A breath of fresh air! If you ask me, it’s a win-win situation for all parties and essential for the future of all of us.

It is my dream to grow. We attract 180 visitors with Late Night Poetry Jam; how cool would it be if this became five thousand?! I am really inspired by America in this respect. The mentality, the many opportunities there! But the city and the young people I am working with here also inspire me. Rotterdam is a source of creativity and is bursting with young talent.”