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Rotterdam celebrates the city! looks back on 75 years of post-war reconstruction. After a period of commemorating, now the time has come to celebrate what we have achieved with each other. With this festive and cultural series of events, Rotterdam continues its long tradition of reconstruction events that have been organised ever since 1950. Meanwhile, the city of Rotterdam has become a popular, must-see destination for visitors from all around the globe.

Against the backdrop of the architectural icons, which have put Rotterdam firmly on the international map, the city now places the people of Rotterdam and its unique urban culture on centre stage. This highly varied programme features the stories of well-known and ordinary Rotterdammers. Cultural institutions and private individuals submitted some 200 creative ideas and great proposals from which 30 projects were selected. Immerse yourself in the city and discover the new Rotterdam!

The opening of the exhibition The Attack in Museum Rotterdam (back in May 2015) marked the beginning of this series of cultural events. The prelude to the programme is scheduled for the fall and the spring, from September 2015 until the end of March 2016. The height of this season of cultural events is from the end of March until the end of July 2016.

Rotterdam celebrates the city! presents carefully selected stories about the people who made, are making and will make the city of Rotterdam. It is an innovative city. The stories are the reference points for the full programme and they form the guideline for a special route through the city of Rotterdam. The cultural events that are part of Rotterdam celebrates the city! can be divided into the following themes:

Clearly visible in the city
During this series of events, the city will be put on the map visually with an impressive outdoor programme including a fascinating route through the city, photography exhibitions and outdoor as well as indoor exhibitions, city dressing of icons such as the Erasmus bridge (20th anniversary), remarkable objects such as the new Rotterdammer and projects such as Dominoes.

Public dialogue and education
This theme offers an in-depth programme that does not only put the rich history of the city of Rotterdam in the spotlights, but also invites the people of Rotterdam to think about the future of their city. It includes various storytelling projects, exhibitions and theatre performances but also debates, documentaries, media publications and educational projects.

Talent and innovation:international
Rotterdam has become a popular, must-see destination. Creative and innovative, this city is a cultural breeding ground where visual artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world are working on their successful careers. Rotterdam celebrates the city! offers a stage for new talent so they can present their work to the entire world.